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Hello Friends , Here I will tell you about Truecaller .  Truecaller is the best caller id and spam blocking application . 

What Truecaller Do ? 

  1. Trusted and used by over 320 million people to identify calls and SMS from around the world.
  2. Real-time spam reporting allows for accurate and quick protection from scams, telemarketers, fraud and more
  3. Stop spam in its tracks - or before it rings. You’ll never have to worry about another spammer getting through.
  4. Choose a better way to communicate by letting Truecaller make smart choices.

Truecaller is pleased to be a forerunner in guest ID and spam obstructing programming as well as examination around call and SMS badgering .

Distinguish obscure numbers, spam or organizations calling prior to getting! See the genuine personality of every approaching call anyplace on the planet - landline, portable or paid ahead of time!

Truecaller's Caller ID will distinguish any number - homegrown or global. There is compelling reason need to overreact when you get an obscure number calling, as Truecaller will naturally recognize the name of the individual calling, their area, on the off chance that they are a spammer, and that's only the tip of the iceberg! 

When an unknown caller calls you, Truecaller's Caller ID will not just identify their name. Truecaller will also show you, where possible, the location of the caller, whether they are a business or not and a profile picture. With our advanced machine learning technology, we can even tell you whether it is likely an important call, or if it’s someone you might know.

Depending on the type of call, Truecaller’s Caller ID will flash different colors!

Blue shows a standard call. 

Red is for a scammer.

Purple is a priority call. 

Green is for calls from Verified Businesses.

It's adequately not to realize who is calling, it means quite a bit to know why somebody is calling. Our remarkable Call Reason highlights adds an additional layer of data to help choose to get or not.

Level up your calling game with Video Caller ID. Surprise your family or friends with either a great selfie video, or choose from our templates.

After a call, we provide you options to save the number and name directly to your contact book, block, call back, send a message or an Urgent Message!

Truecaller one of a kind Caller ID is currently accessible as a full screen choice too. Rather than having a drifting spring up as a guest ID, you can now decide to have the subtleties of the call across your entire screen. This will assist you with rapidly choosing whether to pickup a call or not. Go on, pick the guest id size as per your inclination - full screen or spring up!

Spam obstructing has never been simpler with Truecaller. The application naturally recognizes robocalls, phone salespeople, tricks, extortion, badgering and that's only the tip of the iceberg!

Truecaller runs behind the scenes on your telephone, attempting to recognize your approaching calls or SMS and distinguish in the event that it's a known spammer. From that point, you can hinder a wide range of undesirable calls and messages. 

I hope you know things what Truecaller Do and how is important for your phone . 

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