What is chrome extension ? TOP 5 chrome extension you should know

 Hello friends , welcome to my new blog . If you are using Chrome you definitely heard about chrome extension . Here I am tell you what is chrome extension ? And top 5 chrome extension you should know . 

As far as our regular browsing experience is concerned, you are likely to face a lot of challenges in terms of speed, accessibility and convenience. This is exactly where the role of Chrome extensions comes into place.

In this article, we will explore what exactly are Chrome extensions and the best ones you should know about!

What is chrome extension?

To state in simple words, Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into your Chrome browser to change its functionality as per your requirement. It may include adding new features to your browser on modifying the current behavioural pattern of the program to enhance the browsing experience of the user. 
These extensions provide a wide range of extra functionalities to the browser so that you can perform your tasks more conveniently.
Now that we have the know-how of chrome extensions, let us now take a detailed look at the top five Chrome extensions you should not miss upon!
After knowing what is chrome extension you should know popular Chrome extension . It will easy your daily life and enhance your chrome browsing experience . 

Top 5 chrome extension you should know .

1.) Last pass 

It is one of the most popular chrome extensions among its users due to its efficiency and usefulness. It helps you to keep your passwords in one place so that you can log in to your account automatically every time you visit a website. This chrome extension creates a different and strong password for every website, and then automatically fills the web forms on the behalf of the user. Once this is done, the user just needs to remember a single master password and this extension takes care of the remaining tasks to be done.
One of the biggest benefits of using this extension is that there is no need to add all your usernames and passwords to a single database before you can use them. All you need to do is, install the extension and provide the input every time it asks whether you want to save it or not. 

2.) Save pocket 

Looking for an extension to get suggestions for extra content? This one might save you a lot of time!
Save to pocket is an amazing chrome extension that lets you save web pages, images, files, links, and much more stuff to a single list. This list then automatically gets synced across all your devices. This tool can be a great help for people who are into web research. No matter if you need to add pages or links on your devices, all your stuff can be easily made available for browsing on any of the devices you prefer. Whenever a user is working online and needs to save something to this extension, it automatically suggests other similar content that you may be interested in. Once the user saves a link to the pocket extension, they are automatically added to the list so that whenever it is opened again in the extension, it can be seen in the article view or WebView depending on what has been saved. Moreover, you can also see trending pocket topics with the new tab extension. 

3.) The Great Suspender 

This particular chrome extension helps you to remove tabs that are not in use. This can help you to free up RAM and boost the performance of your device. Talking about chrome as a browser, it usually saves up a lot of memory hog. Moreover, with multiple tabs open, it can cause troubles even in the devices with minimum specifications in terms of hardware and software. This Chrome extension helps you to solve this problem by suspending the tabs that you aren't using currently. In addition to this, you can also whitelist some selective domains and URLs that you do not want to suspend, for example, your website host provider or email provider. This can help to prevent such tabs that are currently playing an important media or displaying any important information that you do not want to lose once you have entered that. On the other hand, if you do not want to quit your browser but at the same time want to get rid of continuous interruptions, this extension can prove to be a great relief for you. 

4.) Tab wrangler 

In case you are the kind of user who is not habitual of keeping all the remaining tabs open once a specific period has passed, this particular Chrome extension is made just for you!
Tab Wrangler helps you to close the tabs that you haven't used for a certain period of time. So, if you are the kind of user who generally leaves all the tabs open without keeping a count of them while browsing, this Chrome extension is definitely worth the attention. Moreover, all the closed tabs that are saved in the database can be easily re-opened again at any time within a single click. This means that if you need to keep many tabs open, they can be easily pinned so that they can stay in one place. However, it is important to keep in mind that this extension is not built to save the state of a web page that you have visited before. This means that if you previously opened a webpage that requires you to fill a form or play any kind of media on it, the progress will not be saved once the tab and its details have been saved in the extension. This extension only saves the webpage but not the web app or the form it was opened in. 

5.) Adblock plus 

This extension helps you to block advertisements and track cookies to improve the speed and privacy of your browsing experience. Adblock Plus is one of the best known as-blocker extensions for Chrome of all time due to its quick and easy installation. All you need to do is point your browser at any website that has a heavy amount of advertisements on it, and the icon will automatically display a running count of all the ads that have been blocked.

These chrome extensions significantly enhance your browsing experience. Hence, it can be said that they can be a complete game-changer for your everyday tasks!

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