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 Hello and a warm welcome to this post. It is the 3rd year of the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Overs the years, since graphics-based computers were developed, gaming has evolved a lot.In the past, we had games with absolutely rubbish graphics that we make fun of as of now. But, things have completely changed nowadays. Currently, we have video games with stunning graphics.

Even some ultra-modern games are too hard to define whether the visuals you are watching while playing the games are real or artificial. PUBG is one of the best games in this category to give example for.

Here I am tell you pubg lite for pc and pubg lite online play .

PUBG is an extremely popular game for mobile gamers and a PC version of this game is present there and that too from the official developers.

As we all know, PUBG is a game that uses a lot of resources - storage, RAM, battery and obviously CPU and GPU. That’s why for the demand of millions of PUBG players and fans, the company finally decided to launch its lite version which uses fewer resources and is able to run on mobiles having little storge without any significant issue.

For PC gamers, PUBG has its PC version but it takes very much resources to play PUBG’s original version on PC. You will require about 50 GB free storage in your hard disk / Solid state drive to instal the original version of PUBG. Like mobile gamers, the developers of PUBG has launched its lite version for the aforesaid situations which were faced by low-end mobile users. PUBG Lite is also available for PC gamers and they can download it from the official site of PUBG.

And, in this article, we are going to discuss how you can run PUBG lite for PC.

As you are reading the article till now, I hope that you are interested to know how you can download the lite version of Player’s unknown battleground game for your PC.

But, before directly going to download the game, you should definitely check whether the game is supported by your PC or not. That’s why we have given some information with which you can check the ability of your computer to run the game.

To run PUBG lite on your PC without any lag, follow the following table -

  • CPU: Starting from Intel Core i3 processor that runs on at least 2.4 GHz clock speed.

The game can run on, 4 GB of RAM but for better performance you will need to have 8 GB RAM.

  • OS: This game supports most of the popular versions of Windows. For example - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. But, it only runs on 64 bit operating system and is not available for 32 bit OS.
  • Storage: You will need to have at least 4 Gita byte hard disk or solid state drive storage to install the game.
  • Steps to download: At first go to the official web site of pubg lite.
  • Here you can see a download button.

Click on the download button

After that wait for some time till your download starts.

Thereafter when you download it will take some time according to your Internet connection to download the large game.

Then install the game in the location you want to install it

Once the installation opens, follow the on screen guide to install it successfully.
We recommend to install it on solid state drive if you have any to open the game fast.
That's how you can download and install pubg lite for pc.

How to play pubg mobile lite online ?

Just Go to official site and download pubg lite install it and play . 


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