Google Adsense eligibility/approval checker tool 2022 - full details

 Hello friends , welcome to my new blog . If you are a beginner of doing blogging you definitely want to earn money by creating a beautiful or user friendly website or blog . But after creating a blog or website you need to monetize your website for earning . Here I am tell you about Google Adsense approval checker tool in 2022 and also process  for approval of Google Adsense . 

In our daily life, we can see that technology has been developed to a very superior level. All the things we do in our daily routine are coming on a customizable digital platform. Digital marketing, social media analysis, web designing and many more are all the result of this digital technology only. One of the trending professions is web development. But to get success is not everyone’s cup of tea. Web development and web designing need creativity and passion towards it. If you succeed in this work then you can think about AdSense approval by which you can start earning. 

What is Google approval eligibility ?

AdSense is a service provided by Google so it is all owned by Google itself. It is considered to be the world’s best advertisement publisher due to its best service provided to each client. Google AdSense is much important to each stage blogger, let it be beginner or advanced level blogger everyone needs Google AdSense approval to build a website that can make you earn every single day.
Google AdSense is simply a program by which website publishers can able to earn some money from the online content which they provide on their websites. Google AdSense shows ads on these web pages which are similar to web page content. So, AdSense pays the website publishers for showing these advertisements on their website. But to start earning website should first be approved by Google AdSense.
Google AdSense firstly check if there is a presence of traffic on our website or not. There should be a minimum of 100-200 daily traffic then only you are approved and can your website can be monetized. Google AdSense also checks whether the content present on the website is near to accurate or not and also this shows the quality of content.

What is the Google AdSense eligibility checker tool?

This is one of the online website tools which help any web publisher to check their eligibility for Google AdSense approval. This tool gives your website scores which shows the quality of content and traffic that comes each day on the website. 
With the use of this online website tool, anyone can able to deal with their website issues and upgrade their website to another next level. So, this website can be monetized. This online website tool will help any web publisher to increase the quality of content they provide on the website and also attract more traffic towards their web page.

How to use the Google AdSense eligibility checker tool?

This part is not gotten tough for anyone because the eligibility checker tool will direct you with all the steps in a systematic order so that you can get truly comfortable with this tool. The very first step is that to open the website of the AdSense eligibility checker tool. So, the first website will direct you to open an account by clicking on registration. Now you can fill in all the related information in it. After this it will direct you to verify your email-id by sending an OTP on your email id, entering that OTP and getting verified, and clicking on submit. Then you are finally login to the official website.
Now the most important step is that you have to add your respective website URL in the provided blank check box and then click on the check button. They the tool will automatically scan your whole website and show all the details about your respective website and also shows the score which describes if your website is eligible for google AdSense approval or not.

What Google AdSense eligibility checker tool will provide you?

After providing your website URL to this online tool then will show all the important details of your website which finally describes your website probability to get Google AdSense approval in a completely legal way. Some of the shown details are as follows.

SEO (Seach Engine Optimization)

SEO describes all the quality of the work you do with this website. A good SEO score shows how impressive and efficient is your website. if the SEO score is above 50% then it can be said that your website is eligible for AdSense approval.

Content Quality

It is considered to be one of the most important parts because the quality of content and uniqueness describe the standard of your website. If 1% of the content is also not unique or plag then your website is not eligible for Google AdSense approval. If the content quality score is more than 60% then your website is eligible for approval. If your website passed in this part then you can consider that this site has the best content with quality information in it.

Content Structure

This shows how you have properly arranged the data or content in your website. By arranging data in sequential order every traffic that came to your website can be able to understand what content you are describing. If the Content Structure score is more than 75% then you are ready for applying for approval.

Final probability score for approval

This final score is the net result of the above threescore. So, if you have a score near 85% then you can surely apply for approval but you need to do upgrade your website content somewhat more and if you score between 90-95% then you can surely apply for Google AdSense approval and there are 99% chances that you will get AdSense approval.
 So here we all get to know that how important the role is played by Google AdSense in every blogger career. When you get approval from AdSense then you will get paid for showing their respective advertisement that is relevant to your website content. So, this eligibility tool will help you to get this approval. It will also help you to deal with a problem that decreases your chances of eligibility. This tool will help each web publisher to check their probability to eligible for AdSense and enhance their website to the next level.


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