What is DA , PA ,TB ,QB ,PQ ,MT ,SS ,MR ,OS ,TF ,CF in seo

 DA, PA,TB,QB,PQ,MT,SS,MR,OS ,TF,CF are measuring parameters of your website. It is developed by Moz . Moz is seo tool provider. seo are important in seo and ranking. Seo stands for search engine optimization.It's a very Important role in ranking keywords. Seo has two types : on-page SEO and off-page seo . 

What is on-page SEO ?

When you are creating an article or blog.You must do on-page for your rankings of keywords . Of Course your content is good then your keywords rank but seo is similarly important as quality content . in on-page SEO you have to do some things:
  1. Adding H1,H2,H3 and so on 
  2. Add Meta tags on your blog
  3. Write search description for your blog 
  4. Write your keyword in permalink 
  5. Write keyword in article multiple times but not spam ( write your main keyword only 1.5% ) : eg your article is 1000 words write your keyword in article only 15 times .

Off -Page seo 

Off page seo is basically creating backlink and guest posts . Da , PA ,TB ,QB,PQ,MT,SS,MR,OS is part of off page seo .
 DA,PA,TB,QB,PQ,MT,SS,MR,OS these parameters are developed by Moz . Moz provides seo tools and these parameters are not connected to Google . Google does not know what is da, pa . But moz create a parameter for your content and your website

DA ( Domain Authority ) 

DA is stand for domain authority . It is the main parameter of your website . According to moz higher the domain authority higher the chance of your ranking .

When you start a blog, you want it to be ranked at the top of Google. But how do you know if your blog is doing well? This article will teach you ways to figure out domain authority so you can maximize your ranking and get found by others. Domain Authority is a metric that measures how powerful the website is. It's calculated using various metrics including its page ranks, incoming links, and social media shares on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So what makes one site more powerful than another? Well, it totally depends on the site's subject matter and content. Regardless of the site's topic or type of content, there are many things that can be done to increase domain authority. For example: creating quality content; updating regularly; taking advantage of free tools like social media; developing relationships with influencers; getting reviews; etcetera. 

PA ( Page Authority) 

Page Authority is a metric developed by Moz that predicts the likelihood of your page being picked up by search engine crawlers. It's not an absolute number, but it's a helpful way to measure the quality of the blog post, website, or social media page. 

This metric helps companies decide which links they want to pursue for their website - which ones they need and which ones they don't. And the best part is that Page Authority is publicly available for anyone who wants to see it! 

TB ( Total Backlink )

TB stands for Total Backlink , The more backlinks you have on your website, the higher you rank on Google. A lot of people think that once they get their first backlink it's all easy from there. They jump at the chance to get any and every backlink they can find without considering the consequences. The truth is that some backlinks are more valuable than others.

QB ( Quality Backlink )

QB stands for quality backlink . Some backlinks are on spammy websites. It's harmful for your website . 


Page quality refers to the quality of content and layout on a page. It is also one of the factors that Google and other search engines use to rank pages in search results pages. This includes not only the actual content on a page, but also other factors such as load time, meta tags, and server response time.

Page quality is not just limited to optimization for search engines alone. Website owners need to balance their efforts between optimizing for search engine algorithms as well as providing engaging content for visitors that will keep them coming back over

MT ( Moz Trust ) 

Moz trust is Moz parameter for how your website will be liked by users .It's calculated in percentage .MozTrust is one of the ways that we measure the value and quality of links. It’s a metric that reflects how likely it is that you’ll see a certain link to your site, assuming it’s followed.

It's calculated as:

^(((DA-DR) ÷ (DA ÷ DR)) ÷ (FA ÷ DR)) ^0.25

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SS ( Spam score ) 

SS stands for spam score . It's a score for your website . If your website has copyrighted content the ss score is high and when google fined your website . Any DMCA found on your website. The SS score has increased.There are three stages of spam score measuring Lite (1-30%) Medium (31-60%) High (61-100%) .

MR ( Moz Rank )

It is the same as moz trust . Moz Rank score will show the popularity of your website and how many people can reach your website.

OS ( On Off- page score)

It's a percentage score for your on page or off page SEO quality . If your on ,off-page seo is good then your score is also good .

TF ( Trust Flow )

TF stands for trust flow . This number shows the linking of your site. It's same as trust measuring of your site 

CF ( Citation Flow ) 

It shows the link juice of your site . One website passes onto another website through a link called link juice.  


In the moz seo tool You are able to see any website's age . 

Alexa Rank 

Alexa rank shows the popularity of your website . It is an American web traffic analysis company .

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