How to Add meta tags in wordpress and blogger easily

Adding meta tags to your blog is an essential aspect of SEO . They help the search engine crawler to rank your website higher in the search results. Google is the most popular search engine. As such, it is vital to include relevant meta data for your website to get higher search engine ranking. Fortunately, it is not difficult to do. This article will show you how to add meta tags to your blog in blogger and WordPress.

Adding Meta Tags in blogger 

To add meta tags to your blog posts, go to the settings tab of your blogger account and look for the "Meta" field. The description box contains the scope of your blog post. Ensure that it is not too long. The meta keywords should be multiple keywords separated by comma. You can add meta tags to multiple blog posts using this method. Just add the code below and click enter to save it.

To add Meta Tags in BLOGGER, you need to know HTML codes. The keywords and description are the main components of the page. They contribute to the search presence of the website and improve authority. It's recommended to use relevant and specific Meta keywords. For each post, you can add up to ten meta tags. The amount of meta information you use depends on how much content you want to include.

Once you've added the description box, you can add the meta description. This is your blog's scope. Unlike other blog titles, it will show up in the search results, so it's important to make your Meta Description descriptive. Your meta descriptions should contain your main targeted keywords. If you don't want to appear in search results, you can leave the field blank. Then, you're ready to enter your meta tags.

In Blogger, you need to write a summary of your post, as this is the main part of search engine rankings. 

Adding Meta tags in wordpress

In WordPress, you'll need to add Meta keywords and meta description to each individual post. If you're using a WordPress theme, you can also insert a meta keyword and description for each post. The title of your blog should be unique and contain several keywords. Adding meta tags in blogger is very simple.

A few more meta tags are required. You can also add them to a blog's title page. You can also add meta keywords and meta descriptions to your blog posts. Your description should be an overview of the content of the post, and your keywords should be separated by commas. To add Meta tags in blogger, just type the code below the code in the body of the post. Once you have written the summary, you can use the rest of your titles and descriptions to optimize your search engine results. 

A meta description describes the scope of your blog. The search engine will list your meta keywords and a description if it can't find the words they're looking for. A description will be read and used by search engines to rank your blog in search results. In WordPress, it will be added automatically. But, in blogger, it is necessary to write a separate title for each post. Then, the next step is to add the meta tags to each blog post.

The most important thing about meta tags is to use them correctly. A good description should be a brief summary of the blog post. Moreover, a Meta keyword should be a keyword phrase that matches your title in search results. If your title is too long or you don't use commas, you can include more keywords to make your blog stand out in search engine results. By adding a Meta tag to your site, you will be able to boost the overall SEO score of your site.

Meta tags are essential to your blog. They are a small text file that helps the search engines better understand your content. A successful meta tag is important because it will help the search engine crawl your site and improve your ranking. By using the correct title and description, you can increase the number of visitors to your blog. You can also optimize your posts to attract more attention by increasing the quality of your SEO.


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