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 Hello friends welcome to my new article. Currently NFTs are new trend in internet world . Every artist wants to launch own art piece NFTs .Snoop Dogg launched NFT , adidas launched their own NFTs . Bollywood superstar Amitabha Bachchan is launched nft , Justin Bieber , dj Khalid and many more artist launched their article or buy ,There must be many questions coming in your mind is What is NFT? What is NFT art? Here I answered all your queries about NFT.

What is NFT ? Or what nft means?

  NFT, which stands for non-fungible tokens, are digital assets on a blockchain with their unique identification codes and metadata. These identification codes distinguish them from each other, and they cannot be traded or exchanged at an equivalent value. This is quite different from the concept of cryptocurrencies which cannot be differentiated from each other, and therefore can be potentially used as a medium to initiate and perform any commercial transaction. These tokens can also be used to represent items and concepts belonging to the real world, such as real estate, artwork, or any other such valuable commodity. Alternatively, these tokens can also be used to represent the property rights and identity of people, which makes it an overall interesting concept. 

 In other words, it can be said that these tokens are digital representations of assets that carry a unique and non-transferable identity. Holders of these tokens can also add metadata related to these assets in the non-fungible tokens. For example, tokens representing a building can be classified as fair trade, or the artwork of an artist can be stored with their signature in the metadata. These tokens can make the market much more efficient because the conversion of a physical asset into a digital representation streamlines the entire process and makes sure that no intermediaries are present. 

In simple word nft is digitise your ownership with code or metadata , it's gives you unique ownership . 

What is NFT art ?

These non-fungible tokens are in the form of digital art that can be used by the creators to sell in the marketplace. Traditionally, any copy of digital artwork is just as valuable or valueless as any others. On the contrary, an NFT digital art is a form of non-fungible packaging, which can be anything - a video, an image, a song or any other artistic item. When a user buys a piece of NFT art, the certificate of ownership and authenticity of the digital art also changes. This holding contains a series of elements that represent its uniqueness and ownership. However, it is important to note that the buyer does not hold the copyright of the digital. It is just that the holding of the digital artwork is transferred to the buyer. 

What is NFT mining ?

Now that we know the meaning of non-fungible tokens, let us understand the meaning of NFT mining. It is the process by which these tokens are included in circulation and made a part of the network of blockchain. There are a few categories of non-fungible tokens that can only be acquired by this process as the same phenomenon is also used to create other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Depending upon the nature of assets that these tokens represent, each set has its own unique and untraceable identification code.

What is NFT games ?

Among various other categories of non-fungible tokens, NFT games are slowly becoming popular in the game fiction world. These games can be used by gamers to sell their NFTs to other parties and players and earn tokens in return. If participants participate diligently, gamers can use their tokens to earn good money. These are usually present on Ethereum and other third-party platforms that offer the required experience with characters that can be easily collected. These games can also be used to enable content developers to monetize their services while earning cryptocurrencies with the help of their engaging content. Especially in gaming, NFTs can be used to create characters and other such items that can be used by players to collect and help through the entire gameplay and even in trading with other players. However, it is important to note here that the value of these items completely depends on their use and how rare they are. This is why the developers should create smart contracts that clearly define how these tokens will function within the game. 

What is NFT marketplace ?

As the name suggests, NFT marketplaces are platforms where these tokens can be put into the display, traded, mined and even stored. These marketplaces require three main elements including a crypto wallet, a specific amount of coins in the wallet and a basic user account from which the holder wishes to purchase the non-fungible tokens. 
 For most of the part of listing and creating, tokens in a marketplace usually result in the inclusion of some basic charges for using the blockchain network. This can vary depending on the blockchain system that the user decides to use. These marketplaces work in a different manner that is quite distinguishable from conventional methods. First of all the user is required to sign up to the NFT marketplace, which is followed by buying an NFT. These tokens can be purchased directly for a fixed price or can also be obtained from an auction. Once the NFTs are purchased, the user can also consider selling these, but it is a technically more complicated process than buying them. 
 The tokens traded on the NFT marketplace are distinguished from other fungible items that are identical to each other. The majority of these identities are digital, and creators always have new ways to offer something to their audience with continuously budding new revenue streams. A popular example of these NFTs includes Jack Dorsey's post on Twitter which later accounted for around 250 million dollars. In a way, it can be said that these non-fungible tokens have successfully caught the attention of the masses with their unique characteristics. 

What is NFT airdrops ? 

  NFT airdrops are nothing but a simple but unique marketing strategy that blockchain projects use. Under the static that developers send coins to the users for free which is usually right before the official launch of the project. It is quite popular among crypto startups that are looking forward to igniting a spark in the community to initiate discussions and raise awareness that can ultimately benefit their promotional campaigns. If any user wishes to receive these airdrops, they must have a crypto wallet. They must also join and follow the social media channels of these parties so that they can increase their engagement using the tokens community. Telegram and Discord are some popular examples.

What is NFT collection?

 An NFT collection, as the name itself suggests, is a collection of various non-fungible tokens that are stored in the form of data units as we have talked about earlier. These collections can contain thousands of unique non-fungible tokens from different categories with their unique characteristics and holdings. 

What nft minting ?

Minting is a phenomenon where validation and authenticity of information take place, a new block is created and the same data is recorded into the blockchain. This is exactly how the blocks are created and how each set of information is added to them. 
 Talking about minting in the context of non-fungible tokens, it is all about turning your digital artwork into collectable crypto or a digital asset on the blockchain. These digital artworks are stored on these databases which makes it almost impossible to delete or modify them in any manner. It is through NFT minting that a digital artwork or content becomes a part of the Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain. Hence, it turns any simple digital artwork into a crypto asset that can be easily traded in the marketplace 

Hope you know many things about nft and you should know about Top 5 most popular nft token . 
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