What is metaverse crypto ? Top 5 Futuristic Metaverse coin you should know

 Hello Guy's welcome to my new blog . Hope you will be fine and healthy . You know here I am share my experience , tips , tricks to earn money in 100% Genuine way without any clickbait . Here I brought you a new futuristic facts of Metaverse who is the future of this world . Every one knows Facebook will change the company name into Meta and Facebook will work on Metaverse . Here I am share information about What is metaverse crypto ? Top 5 Futuristic Metaverse crypto You should know and full details on Metaverse . So let's start . 

Firstly we have to know what is Metaverse ?

What is Metaverse ? 

:- Metaverse is made of two words "Meta "Portmanteau and "universe" . Metaverse is the Online Virtual 3-d environment . The environment in computer and all the avatars are made by conventional personal computing . It's like virtual world all the avatars , trees , water, environment , buildings ,malls and many more on that virtual world . You can feel through this world on VR and their headsets . You can join any party freely walk on beach sitting at your home , explore new city and many more work you can do seats on your home .  Currently Metaverse is the limiting form and we are watching in some games . 

You know the concept of Metaverse but you think how Metaverse is connected to crpyto currencies ?

How Metaverse connected to the crypto Currencies ?

:- Crypto currencies are based on decentralisation and every owner has unique address and I'd . In Metaverse you have your own Avatar , clothes , apartments , cars and many more item that will help you to in a daily life but you can purchase these item by crypto because it's totally decentralised system . We know Facebook works on Metaverse you should watch meta launch video on YouTube . 

In the Metaverse world you can buy anything by crypto then you should know Top 5 best futuristic Metaverse crypto that you can invest early . 

Top 5 Best futuristic Metaverse Crypto ?

1.) Axie infinity (AXS)

:- Axie Infinity is a online video games based on NFT . It's use Ethereum based crypto Currencies . This game is uses pay-to-earn method when a player plays a game and wins some token and that token where trade on binance . Axie token also exchange on game by NFT . This video game in developed by Vietnamese studio's sky Mavis . It is the top performing crypto Currencies of 2021 . Let's know some facts about axie Infinity (AXS) .

Source:AXIE official website 

  • Axie Infinity market Rank is #27
  • Its Market capitalisation is ₹51,635 cr 
  • Circulating supply is 6cr AXS
  • Currently Trading activity is 49% buy and 51% sell 
  • Axie Infinity is Strategy video game 
  • It is based on NFT 
  • Current price is $107 per AXS approximate .
  • It is based on Pay-to-earn model
  • Listed on All major crpyto exchanges .

2.) Decentraland

:- This is the virtual world for digital assets . In this virtual world you can buy sell lands , estate , wearable , Avatar, names in this Decentraland . This software running on ethereum based technology . By enter on its website through PC you can participate in a game for free but without wallet you can't buy anything in that world . So you have to buy a crpyto . Decentraland have two crypto currency is called MANA and LAND . Let's know some facts about decentraland . 
Source:Decentraland Official website

  • Decentraland market Rank is #26 
  • It market cap is $6,650,872,644 USD
  • circulating supply of 1,824,596,635 MANA coins
  • It's maximum supply is not available 
  • It is listed on all major Crypto currencies exchanges like binance , cointiger , coindcx and many more . 
  • It is based on ethereum blockchain technology . 
  • Its current price is $3.81 approx .


:- It is virtual Metaverse game which is built on ethereum blockchain technology . Here you build, own and monetize game experience . It is virtual reality plateform where you can create your own empire and complete your mission by filling sand on sandbox . It's revolutionize gaming Market in 2011 by blockchain technology in gaming industry . Let's know some facts about sands box . 

Source:Sandbox official website 

  • SAND market Rank is #38
  • It's Market cap is $4,718,382,569 USD
  • It's circulating supply of 913,364,619 SAND coins
  • It's highest circulating supply is 3,000,000,000 SAND coins 
  • It is listed in major Crypto exchanges
  • SAND current price is $5 approx . 

4.) Enjin Coin (ENJ)

:- Enjin coin is Ethereum based blockchain technology . Where you can build your own NFT by ethereum . It is also play-to-earn gaming platform . It is make easy for individual, business and brands for use their own NFT . It also a part of Metaverse and it's raise $100M for Metaverse project . Let's some know facts about Enjin coin . 
Source:Enjin coin official website 
  • Enjin market Rank is #36
  • It's Market cap is ₹173.1B
  • 839.8M ENJ 84% of its total supply 
  • Listed on major Crypto exchanges
  • Currently Trading activity is 64% buy and 36% sell
  • It's current price is 220₹ 
  • It's raise 19$ M to built polkadot based blockchain for NFTs

5.)Render Token (RNDR)

:- It is Ethereum based blockchain technology to distributed GPU redering  network . It's aim of connecting artists and studios in need of GPU computing power with mining partners willing to rent their GPU capabilities. Let's know some facts about RNDR 
Source:RNDR official website 

  • RNDR market Rank is #226
  • It's Market Cap is $831,416,407 USD
  • It's circulating supply of 183,104,645 RNDR coins
  • Max supply is 536,870,912 RNDR coins.
  • It is listed on major Crypto exchanges linke binance , coinbase , Kucoin ,bybit and many more exchanges . 
  • It's current price is $4.53 approx 
Given all crpyto currencies are best in Metaverse that might be future of Meta universe and if you invest in these currencies you will get good return but before investing money on these crpyto you know the risk and do your own research . Invest at your own risk . You know enough about Metaverse but currently Metaverse is on first phase it's not commonly use in our lives so you think when is Metaverse will launch ?

When Metaverse will Launch?

:- Metaverse is now in experimental phase and Facebook and many more companies are work hard on Metaverse but you may be see Metaverse in 3-4 years . 

But after 3-4 year these crpyto price are go to the moon and it's like bitcoin so you will invest in some coins right now as a assets . 

How to buy Metaverse Crypto Coins in 2021 ?

:- You can buy these coins at any crypto exchange application . Given all above Crypto are listed on all major exchanges like binance , Kucoin , bybit , Coindcx , wazirX and more exchanges . You can buy these Metaverse crypto coins . 

Summary :- 

:- In currently days technologies are changing drastically and improved our lifestyle . Who knows Metaverse is the future of world and it's possible to walk , meet friends and family , watching movies together sitting at your home . 
Given all the suggestion is my personal and I am not given you suggestions to invest .it's only informative purpose . Invest at your own research and risk . 

Thank You For Reading this Article hope you like it . Any doubt about Metaverse please comment down below . here I am share my experience, tips , tricks to earn money online by 100% Genuine way no clickbait . 

Risk Warning: Crypto trading is subject to high market risk. Please ensure that you undertake sufficient risk assessment when trading newly listed tokens as they are often subject to high price volatility. shop and earn will not be responsible for your trading losses.

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