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 Hello friends , welcome to my new blog, you are already know nft is the new trend of art world many of artist launched their nfts and many more artist buy nfts like Justin Bieber , snoop Dogg . Many of big companies launched their nfts like adidas .

 The world of cryptocurrencies is promising, with much more transparent and advanced features available for developers. Moreover, the availability of non-fungible tokens has taken the innovation to the next level for everyone who looks forward to the platform.if you don't know about Nfts read this article - What is NFT? What is NFT art? - NFT all explained

Let's take a look at the top 5 NFTs that are currently making the headlines and you should know about them . 

1. The Sandbox

The sandbox is a blockchain-based metaverse gaming platform wherein a user can create, play, share and sell these as assets. It is specially designed to enable the users to not just generate content but also monetize it. Hence, the sandbox users have complete control and ownership of the assets they create in the metaverse. 

SAND, which is the token used across The Sandbox platform is the only NFT that serves as the foundation for all transactions in the game. It can be earned by playing games or even purchased openly on the crypto exchanges. It is an ERC-20 utility token that can also be used to play the game, buy lands and other assets on the Sandbox ecosystem. This NFT currently has an aggregate (maximum) supply of 3 billion, which also includes around 190 million NFTs that are already in circulation. It is one of the most popular NFTs we have now. 

2. Wax

Wax is another popular option among investors that allows developers to purchase digital assets on the blockchain platform. It also provides a specific structure and application to all the developers so that they can make transactions through the platform by executing right on the time and activities that are particularly stored on the blockchain with utmost transparency. These features make it a desirable token for developers looking forward to it. 

3. Digibyte

DigiByte is another most popular NFT token we have right now. There are various reasons why it is so desirable. Firstly, it gives greater speed than any other token. It is capable of processing more than 550 transactions per second, which is amazing. It can easily scale, which leaves more space for the creator to grow. It is also quick and cost-effective, which makes it a great option for investors who are looking forward to a cryptocurrency with a bright future. On the other hand, it is also extremely secure as it uses five differentiated algorithms to make its network more secure. This leads to words creating an incredibly safe and decentralized blockchain on the platform. This particular NFT works on the most secure network available on the metaverse, which gives it resilience especially for investors who want to go for a long-term hold in the world of cryptocurrency with such an efficient crypto token.  
Secondly, the reason why it is most popular among its community is that this token is itself a community-driven project as it is truly decentralized. This particular characteristic also makes it extremely transparent, which is very good news for investors because in the world of cryptocurrency it is quite common to know the real intention behind the actions of developers. Hence, it becomes quite obvious to say that DigiByte lives up to its hype and can be an extremely great option for investors who want to go with the features that this particular token possesses.

4. Flow or onflow

Flow is a native currency of the flow network which is a prerequisite requirement for the network and all its applications for it to function. This token is designed to enable transactions and payments on the platform as well as function as a long-term reserve asset for the entire flow ecosystem. It is an extremely low inflation and low circulating supply asset which is made for developers, validators and users so that they can be a part of the flow network and monetize their assets. It can be also used to make payments for the fees and serve the purpose as collateral for any other secondary tokens on the flow platform, apart from enabling the user to participate in any future protocol governance system.

Moreover, these tokens work on a fully functional network and are then distributed to the backers, team members, or community members. This token also enables the user to make sufficient improvements in the speed and solutions without having to compromise with the decentralization part. The thing that differentiates this token from any other token in the market is that it can significantly improve the efficiency of the ecosystem by reducing redundant efforts. This particular feature of this token ensures that every single transaction that takes place through its ecosystem is fully transparent and makes it possible for the developers to easily and safely perform any transaction without any hassle.

5. Decentraland (MANA)

Last but not the least, we have Decentraland, which is an equally popular token among the developers. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and enables the user to buy and sell any digital asset while the developer can explore, interact and play games in this virtual world. It is important to note that these non-fungible tokens can be sold and purchased only in the permissible currencies allowed in the metaverse. 
On the other hand, the popularity of this token can be understood better with the fact that it had already surged by over 40,000% in the last quarter, which is a huge benchmark in itself. This token also enables the developer to create their avatars, with hundreds of free outfits to choose from and many other purchase options with unique options. The developer can also become a builder on the platform by using these tokens. Also, there is no need to have prerequisite knowledge of coding as the platform itself comes with a large pool of pre-built scenarios that apply to any platform. Hence, it becomes an even easier option for anyone who would like to join the platform.
 For a developer or an investor, there are multiple options available in the market that a person can go for. Non-fungible tokens are a relatively new thing in the market. Nevertheless, they have successfully taken over the hype. These NFTs have a long way to go in their journey as virtual entities!
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