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 Hello friends hope you are fine , if you using social media you definitely heard about "meta" it's meaning is beyond . You also heard about Metaverse and many of companies will offer you to play , buy and sell inventory on their game . If you don't know about Metaverse please read our this article - What is metaverse crypto ? . 

A hub of a handful of platforms on the internet - the metaverse is a huge opportunity that lies ahead for us. But do you know that these opportunities are not just limited to fun and entertainment? One can even buy and sell land here!

In this blog, we will take a look at how one can purchase a piece of land in the metaverse. So, stay tuned with us till the end to know the entire process. 

Let us now take a look at the following steps on how you can do so.

How to buy land in Metaverse ?

1.) The first step to buying land in the metaverse is to visit the property marketplaces. Some of the examples of these property marketplaces include DAO blockchain, Sandbox and Decentraland. Once you visit these marketplaces, you need to log in to the platform you are currently on. 

2.) Once you log in to any of the platforms of your choice in the metaverse, let's say it's DAO, you simply need to browse through the available pieces of land. Also, you need to understand the DAO crypto meaning more clearly. At this point, you can also compare their prices and decide what can work for you.

3.) Once you have decided which piece of land you would wish to purchase in the digital land, you can browse and learn more about it on the internet. It is important because the research will help you better understand the metaverse property. However, it is important to know that no matter which metaverse property platform you choose, you may be able to purchase their platform only through the cryptocurrencies that have been approved by them. For instance, if you purchase a piece of land on DAO, you will be able to make transactions to buy or sell properties only using the DAO coin - DAO maker. 

4.) Once you have learned about your selected platform, that is to understand DAO meaning, the next step is to link your digital wallet to your property platform account. To do this, you first need to get a compatible digital wallet to your property platform account and make the transactions. 

5.) The next important step here is to keep regular funds in your digital wallet using cryptocurrencies that are compatible with the digital property platform you have chosen. Moreover, you can easily purchase cryptocurrencies, such as a DAO coin, through exchanges and store them safely in your digital wallet. Once you have successfully selected the land in the metaverse and added sufficient funding to your linked digital wallet, you will be directed to the payment page, where you simply have to press the buy button to complete the transaction.

6.) Once the transaction is completed, the piece of land you have purchased will be stored in the form of non-fungible tokens in your digital wallet. You can take an overview of your purchased land under the NFT tab in your digital wallet.

7.) Finally, you can log out from the platform if you want. However, it is important to make sure that you do not log out until the transaction is completed, and the same is reflected in your digital wallet. 

What are the possible challenges with buying land in the metaverse?

Although the ability to buy land in the metaverse is a great opportunity for investors, one must also be aware of the challenges that come with it. Let's talk about three such challenges that you need to keep looking out for while dealing with your investment.

  • The fact that metaverse properties are still a limited market should be something you need to be aware of. This can be the most important thing you need to keep in mind while dealing with such a niche of real estate. However, there is nothing wrong with that but your investment strategy should not exclude this.
  • Another challenge that you are likely to face is your investment failing. Since there is a probability of this platform failing, your investment may also just disappear. Unlike real-world real estate, where you can always be assured that you still have the piece of land you can physically touch and see, a metaverse land can completely disappear if the platform fails to perform financially well. However, it is important to note that you may have voting rights then the closure is an option but in case they have no funds left to keep the platform running, the person is liable to pay the bills from simply pulling the plug. Hence, it may become a serious challenge in case things go down the hill!
  • Another thing investors should keep in mind is that this platform may not be actually that great for the real world as it runs on electricity. Although these platforms are trying to get and do better with time, keeping the environmental concerns in place, the cryptocurrencies they run on have not found a substitute yet. For instance, Bitcoin mining requires approximately 91 TW h of electricity, which is far more than the entire requirement of a country and represents around 0.5 % of the world's power usage. This clearly means that the production of these platforms creates a lot of pollution from creating electricity, which means more carbon in the atmosphere and eventually, more harm to the environment. 
However, the good side is that an investor can help with this problem by buying carbon offsets for their investments in the metaverse or using their real-world voting power to promote eco-friendly ways for generating electricity. This will ultimately help to minimize the impact of such platforms in the real world.
 While investing in the property market in metaverse looks like an interesting deal, it comes with its risks as well. Nevertheless, it has huge potential in the future, so you can also count on the perks. For instance, if you wish to invest in DAO, you should have deep knowledge of DAO definitions and related concepts. 

Moreover, the only thing you need to make sure of here is to take calculated risks and do your research before making any investment.

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