How to buy crypto currency in India ? Crypto Currency buy in india ?

 Hello Friends Welcome to my new article hope you will be fine and healthy . Currently situation of COVID 19 every one thinking about saving and thinking about the future every one wants to invest money but many of people doesn't understand that where the money invested is in stocks , FD , mutual funds , SIPs or crpyto . In India many of younger age adult have invetsed in crypto Currencies . India youths thinks it is the future of our world of blockchain technology . Many of startups are runs on blockchain technology . In current days government not banning on crypto Currencies but regulated this market because of its misuse . Then you should know How to buy crypto currency in india ? crypto currency buy in india ? So let's start 

How to buy crypto currency in india ? Crypto currency buy in india ?

:- Now days investing in crpyto in not illgal many of people investing money on crypto in according to sources more than 6 million people are investing his Money in crpyto currencies but many of people don't know how to buy crypto . Their are many crypto exchanges in india where you can invest your money in many crpyto currencies . Their is list of some popular crypto exchanges in india are given below checkout . 

1.) Binance : How to buy crypto currencies on binance ?

:- Binance is the world largest crypto exchange application . Binance have more than 21 million+ customers around the world . Here you can buy major Crypto currencies and sell and it has wallet where you hold your crpytos . You can also trade in many crypto Currencies . You can download binance application for trading . You can just install and Trade here. Let's know some facts about Binance .

  • It was founded in 2017 
  • Binane is registered in Cayman Islands 
  • Changpeng Zhao is the CEO of binance
  • Binance is responsible for more than $7.7 trillion of volume trade and hold by people in 2021 .
  • It's headquarter in Malta 
  • Binance will reported it's profit is around $1 billion in 2021 . 
  • It's estimated users is more than 28 million around the world . 
  • Its launches binance pay : you can send crypto instantly from your phone .
  • Here is many of Crypto currencies are listed .
  • It's have own crypto coin called binance coin .
  • It is bases on ethereum blockchain ERC20 token .
  • It's Market Rank is #3
  • Binance market capitalisation is ₹7,59,149 cr 
  • Circulating supply is 17cr BNB 
  • Trading Activity is 35% buy and 65% sell

2.) WazirX : How buy crypto currency on wazirX ?

:- It is a indian crypto exchange application . You will just install WazirX application and verify your kyc ,Here you can buy , sell or trade some of all crpyto currencies . WazirX parent company is binance . Binance acquire wazirx . It is founded in 2018 . Its launch his own NFT plateform in march 2021 . WazirX have its owne crypto currency called Wazir coin it is based on ethereum blockchain . WazirX trading volume hits $38 in a year . 

WazirX has announced a welcome offer for new users . Signup and win 10 SAND Token . 

How you receive 10 SAND Token free ?

:- WazirX announced welcome offer for new users . Create your account in WazirX . Complete your KYC . Buy and trade any amount of $SAND . This welcome offer only valid for 10,000 new users who signup and trade in $SAND during this campaign . This is valid from 8 Dec 2021 to 18 Dec 2021 and the winners are announced on 4th Jan 2022 .

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3.) Bitbns - Wiki 

:- It's a indian crypto exchange application for buy , sell and trade crypto Currencies in fastest way . It's claim it's fee lowest in the market . Just install and complete your KYC and on your 2FA for more security you can also on your fingerprint for security . Bitbns have automated buy or sell tools . Here you can set a Buying or selling price when your choosen crpyto reach that price it's automated buyed and selled . Bitbns provide 24/7 customer support for users . Some of all popular crypto Currencies are listed here . 

Bitbns is a part of buyhatke internet Pvt Ltd and its was incorporate in 2015 . It's a good plateform for trading or buy , sell your Crypto currencies . It's offer welcome bonus for new users like 10 bns coin as welcome offer you can avail this offer by signup and verify your kyc . 

4.) Unocoin - Wiki 

:-  Unocoin is the Indian crypto exchange plateform . Where are you are trade , buy , sell your Crypto currencies and hold . Here you will get all the crypto wallet and some interest on holdings of Crypto currencies . In Unocoine exchanging plateform more than 1.5 million people are trading . It's is India's leading crypto exchange . You can just install unocoin app and complete your KYC and trade in many of Crypto currencies in INR , USDT . 
Unocoin gives offer for new users of 300₹ BTC every new signup and trade in this plateform . You can avail this offer by installing unocoin and Signup you will get 300₹ worth BTC . 

5.) Coindcx :- How to buy crypto on Coindcx 

:- Coindcx is India's popular crypto exchanges . You can read our these post for more information about coindcx and I was shared my Views on coindcx in previous articles . You can read .

How to buy cryptocurrency for beginners ? 

:- Crypto Market is very Risky and uncertain .Price is highly pump as well dump . If you want to start investing in Crypto currencies make sure you do your own research and then invest in any Coin . Don't invest at the behest of someone .

How to buy cryptocurrency anonymously ? 

In India you can't buy cryptocurrency anonymously because Indian government very concerned about Crypto these days indian government brings Crypto bill 2021.You have to do KYC in every crypto exchanges and it's safe your money by any fraudulent . 

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Risk Warning: Crypto trading is subject to high market risk. Please ensure that you undertake sufficient risk assessment when trading any tokens/crypto Currencies as they are often subject to high price volatility. shop and earn will not be responsible for your trading losses.

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