Binance ban in india ? Why Crypto Market crash /down Today ? Foreign Exchange ban in india ? Bitcoin Crypto currency

 Hello friends welcome to my new blog and hope you will be fine and creat wealth . In past some days this market is full on uncertainty and rumours are spreading you know this market is runs on news and governance of any country So here I will tell you in this blog is why crypto Market crash Today and what is foreign exchange ? Should foreign exchange is ban in india ? and many other doubts of Indian people whats goin on in Crypto market . 

What is foreign Exchange ?

:- Currently in india rumours are says foreign exchange is ban in india for crypto exchange but you should know what is foreign exchange or forex . When you exchanging the currency of one country to another with prevailing exchanging price is called foreign exchange . 

Different country have different currencies foreign exchange converts the one currency in another . 

in this case When you buy a any crpyto currency like bitcoin , ether , Filecoin many other you buy by indian currency rupee and it's converts into BTC it's called foreign exchange . 

 By the source of NDTV indian government might be ban crypto foreign exchange .

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What is Crypto Foreign Exchange ?

:- Given the above you know what is foreign exchange but crpyto foreign exchange is different . When you buy a crypto by indian currency your money will change in crypto tokens or BTC . In which plateform you buy any crypto it is Indian or international . BY THE Source of NDTV all the international Crypto exchanges might be ban . And many of international wallets are ban . You should know exact who is international exchanges in india.  

Who all The foreign Crypto Exchanges ?

:- In India many of Crypto Currency exchanges . Some indian like wazirX , Coindcx , bitbns , BuyUcoin , Coinswitch kuber any many more all these exchanges are Indian and  international Exchangees are :- 

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  1. Binance :- 
:- binance is international Crypto exchange software it's can be processed thousands of trading activity within a second . Binance is the largest exchange in the world . It is founded in 2017 and registered in Cayman Islands . This plateform is popular for high frequency trading software . 

You can trade here in many of Crypto currencies. It is secure and million of people are trading in this plateform . 

2.) Coinbase :-

:- Coin base is a international Crypto exchange company . Coin base is American Exchange company .Coinbase founder name is Brian Armstrong and Fred ehrsem . Founded in 2012 .

 Here you will buy or sell many of Crypto currencies and hold like wallets , manage your portfolio . 

Coinbase company valuation is $80 Billion . Millions of people are trading here . This plateform is safe and secure but these days you won't hold and trade in coin base because Indian government might be ban in international Crypto exchanges .

3.) FTX

:- FTX is Bahamian based crypto exchange company that allows users to trade in Crypto currencies . FTX is founded by 2019 and it's headquarter is Antigua and Barbuda . FTX founder and CEO is Sam Bankman-Fried . 

It's claims FTX is safe and secure plateform and you can trade here . 

What's the news Today on Crypto Market ?

:- Today a news comes out binance might be ban in india in all the Exchangees price are fell down every one is in panic what my money will loose? And market is crashed/down today . The big news is comes out that Indian citizens will no longer allow to hold their crypto assets on foreign exchanges or in private crypto wallet according to the cabinet notice seen by NDTV . All indian crypto exchange reportedly come under purview of the securities and exchange board of india ( SEBI ) . 

My Opinion :- 

:- You already know crypto market is so volatile and this market is full of risk we don't promot it given the above information is just for educational purpose and these days in india many rumours are come and it effect on market but you don't panic if indian government ban international or foreign exchange government will give you  the time period when you exit all your holding on binance and any other exchange . So don't panic and wait for what government brings in the bill and don't believe in rumours . 

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