What is Telegram Bot and Top Telegram Bot list ? All information about telegram bot

 Nowadays, Telegram is becoming a viral chatting platform. It provides many features like end-to-end Encryption, video calling, group meeting, file sharing, and its bot service. So today, we are going to talk about telegram bots, how telegram bots work, what a telegram bot is, and if telegram bots are safe to use and at last i'll give you a list of some fantastic telegram bots.

Before we start about telegram bots, let's know what is telegram?

Telegram is a free cross-platform cloud-based chatting application. It also provides us with end-to-end encryption voice and video calling. Telegram was made by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov in the year 2013. It was launched on ios on 14 august 2013, and in October 2013, it also came in android. Now, let us know about telegram bots.

What is Telegram bot?

Telegram bot is a service provided by Telegram. Telegram was introduced by its bot API in 2015, by which anyone can create their telegram bot free of cost. A telegram bot is some predefined set of programs made by a developer or anyone who knows about making telegram bots. A bot has a particular account that does not require a phone number to be set up. A telegram bot behaves like an average person with many additional functions. It performs predefined tasks in its program independently and without any personal involvement. By using a bot, a user can enhance his telegram function. You can set reminders for yourself, send daily notifications to your friends, play games, receive weather alerts, translate messages, and so much more by programming it according to your need.

What is the use of telegram bot ? 

 There are many uses of telegram bot . And there are two types of users who can use by their own preference .
  1. As a Company :- You have any Authorize company and many of customer. You can use bots for customers service . 
  2. Group Owner :- You can use bots for manage your group . Many of bots are useful for Group owners Ex; rose bots - this bot shows  welcome massage of new users . Many of bots can help you to control members  spamming massages , external links , abusive content 
  3. Users :- Bots are made for users . There are many bots for users and top 5 bots list are given below . Who can easy your life.  

What is Botfather in telegram ?

Botfather is official bot of telegram . Botfather used for create your own personalised new account bot and manage your existing bot .

Why you create your own bot

You have a company, firm , Groups or many of customer that you can't reply at a time you can use bots . You give command to bots for auto reply when you online you will give customers support to user .

How you create your own bot ?

Before creating a bot you need an api key . Here is a step for creating a bot
  1. Open Telegram and search botfather
  2. Click on start
  3. You will see different commands click on /newbot
  4. Choose a Name for your bot
  5. Now you choose a username for your bot (it must be end with 'bot' or '_bot' )
  6. Congratulations you create a your bot
  7. You will get token to access HTTP api
  8. Copy HTTP api key and safe your key don't share this key to anyone .
You have create your own bot then you customise your bot by Bot father by click on menu button . 

How to customise My bot ?

 When you create your bot using bot father you have to customise with your own choice 

  1. Go to bot Father
  2. Click on start 
  3. Click on my bots 
  4. Click on your bot 
  5. Go To edit bot 
You can change your bot name , discription , about , bot pic and commands .

Top Telegram lists ?

1. AlertBot - @alertbot

By using Alert bot, you can set a reminder for your work alert bot, a straightforward use Bot. It can be beneficial to get the remainder of your work.

2. BotFather - @BotFather

As I told you above, you need an API key to make a telegram bot that you can get from Bot Father. As its name BotFather Describe itself this Bot rules over all telegram bots; by using Bot Father, you can create new bots get API for making Bot, and manage your exiting Bot .

3. Gmail Bot - @gmailbot

If you want to use Gmail without leaving Telegram, this official Gmail Bot is here. Using this Bot, you can send and receive to Email in Telegram as regular messages.

4. Meme Autobot - @memeautobot

Need some funny posts, then this meme auto bot is here. It will generate memes for you quickly and with little fuss.

5. Movies Tracker Bot - @movieS4Bot

This Bot will Gather all information about movies from IMDb. S4 Dynamics makes this bot. You search about the film by typing this command /search filename, making sure to enclose the film name in single quotes if it is more than one word.

6. Spotify Bot - @spotify_to_mp3_bot

If you want to listen to music but Don't want to leave the telegram app, there is also a bot for listening to music. You need to link your Spotify account to this Bot to use the Spotify bot. After that, you can search for your favorite song and listen to or download it from the Spotify database. This Bot is handy for music lovers.

7. Rose - @MissRose_Bot

Rose is a handy bot for content creators or telegram group owners because it helps the owner manage their telegram channel. It can perform many tasks like if any person spam in the group, then this Bot can block him from messaging or if anyone voids your rule then also it can ban the user or block that person for a short period.

8. Shop And Earn - @shopandearnbot

 This is our official Telegram bot . You can reach us on Telegram bot . Just start and massage any Doubt . Our Author will reach you ASAP .

Is Telegram is safe ?

:- Telegram provides very high-security measures, including steel-like Encryption; meanwhile, some specialists worry whether telegram bots also follow the exact security measurements or not. But according to the data telegram bot, don't use the same standard Encryption that The Telegram follows. That's why channels and chats that use Telegram bot become easier to intercept. Specialists revealed that bots in Telegram do not use the standard MTProto protocol, which is a standard encryption method used for telegram messages. Instead of the MTProto protocol, it uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol which is used in HTTPS Web encryption. Therefore, when you add telegram bots into your chats or group, you are unknowingly weakening the Encryption of your messages.

Hope you like this article still you have any Doubt please comment here . 

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