What Is Bitcoin Mining And How to Earn Bitcoin in your Mobile Phone from crypto Tab App

 Hello Friends , Welcome to shopandearn blog . Hope you will be fine healthy as well wealthy . Now days wealth is the very important to us and our site is help you to earn in a genuine way and make profit by your Phone or laptop . Crypto is a revolutionary invention by Satoshi . Bitcoin is invented by the use of blockchain but blockchain in invented in 90s but the real use of blockchain is created by bitcoin founder . 

What is Bitcoin?

:- Bitcoin is a world first crpyto Currency or a digital currency that you can't see . Bitcoin is computer form currency . It's also called decentralised currency. Bitcoin uses peer to peer technology with operate with no any government banks or no regulated by any Government . 


 "Bitcoin price is not regulated by Any government so it's price is not fixed When you invest 100₹ you will get 0 -1000₹ accordingly to market so invest properly at your own risk " 

Who invented Bitcoin ?

:- When bitcoin launched no one claims who invented because it's legality , but after some time a person called "Satoshi Nakamoto"  claims he is invented Bitcoin and he is from Japan . 

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What Is Bitcoin Mining ?

:- bitcoin mining is a process where new coin circulate in market . "Mining" is performed using sophisticated hardware that solves an extremely complex computational math problem. The first computer to find the solution to the problem is awarded the next block of bitcoins and the process begins again. 

How You earn bitcoin by mining in Your Android/iphone/pc ?

For Pc :- 


A software called Kryptex where you can mine bitcoin free .


For Mobile Phone Android Or iphone :-

For Mobile Phone you can download Crypto Tab Pro

Crypto tab is android or iphone bitcoin mining application where you will mine through your mobile phone and earn Bitcoin .

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How To download Crypto Tab :- 

If you want to download cryto tab app then you go to play store or Apple store and purchase because it's not free it cost is 55₹ on  playstore but you are visit on our website you guys are want free of cost .

How you get Cryto Tab application free ? 

:- First method is already told you that a app called Google opinion Reward application when you installed this you get surveys by Google and after doing surveys you will reward some money by Google on that app . If you don't know how to use it and earn from it then visit our this article 👉 What is Google opinion reward | how to earn from Google opinion reward

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