Top 5 similar websites like and it's alternative - what is pdisk alternative ?

 Hello Dears , We are already know about pdisk and what does work pdisk but since few days pdisk updated it's systems and every pdisk users income affected of that .so here I will tell you Top 5 similar websites like and it's alternative - what is pdisk alternative ? So let's begin . 

Here I will share my experience of using pdisk alternatives and I give you in priority manner .

  1.  Dood Stream 
:- Dood stream is video sharing website just like pdisk .it's says Upload & share your videos to make real money online .

Dood stream Features are :- 

HLS Streaming

  • Stream your videos without buffering with ultra fast HLS technologies
  • Unlimited storage :-Stream your videos without buffering with ultra fast HLS technology.
  • Faster Encoding:-Encoding will be much faster compared to other competitors in the market.
  • Subtitles support :- You can upload your own subtitles in any language you want.
  • Premium bandwidth :- You can purchase premium bandwidth from us to remove ads and logo from the video player.
  • You can join it's premium account that's offer you No ads for your viewer's 

My views on Dood stream ?

:- It's a good platform for sharing your videos to your audience . In my experience I am also earn from this site by uploading my youtube videos on that platform and earn so my review is Good for Sharing videos . 

I know it's very low because I don't upload any copyrighted Content or sexual content on this plateform . So if you are a YouTuber and you wants some earning from initial days that's the best application you have to use and earn and also you are a telegram channel owner you must be use once it's not promotional article but it's Good to use . 

How much it's payout rates ??

It's gives you 7$ per 10k views and you will withdraw when you earn 10$ . 

How to withdraw money from Dood stream ?

Go to settings and and fill the basic details there and your paypal nunber , if you want to receive money in form of crypto currency then you fill your etheruim , bitcoin, bitcoin cash , Lite coin , Advcash and many more options are there to withdraw your money in your bank Account .

2.) Vimeo 

It's A also a good plateform to share your video and earn some money I already post a article related to this so read for more information :- Movies Upload Karke Paise Kaise Kamaye | 3 Ways To earn Money from uploading Movie .

3.) Droplink shortner:- 

It's a link shortner website where you can shrink your big url to small url and when you share that link your earn some money . 

When you sing up it's give you 1$ as a welcome bonus . 
How much it's payout Rates ??
:- Droplink  Claims it's gives you highest CPM Cpm rate in different country below :-  
Desktop Mobile / Tablet
 Canada $8.0000 /$8.0000
 United States $7.0000/ $7.0000
 United Kingdom $6.0000 /$6.5000
 Australia $5.0000 /$6.0000
 Germany $5.0000 /$6.0000
 Malaysia $4.0000/ $5.0000
 Singapore $4.0000 /$5.0000
 Brazil $4.0000 /$4.0000
 Saudi Arabia $3.0000 /$4.0000
 Spain $3.0000/$4.0000
 Sweden $3.0000 /$4.0000
 India $3.0000 /$4.0000
 Ireland $3.0000 /$4.0000
 New Zealand $3.0000/ $4.0000
 Netherlands $3.0000/$4.0000
 Vietnam $4.0000/ $4.0000
 Indonesia $3.0000 /$3.0000
 Mexico $2.0000/ $3.0000
 Italy $2.0000 /$3.0000
 Philippines $2.0000 /$2.0000
 Thailand $2.0000/ $2.0000
 Worldwide Deal(All Countries) $2.0000/ $2.0000
 Argentina $1.5000/ $2.0000
 Colombia $1.2000 /$1.5000
 Japan $1.0000 /$1.5000
 Egypt $1.5000 /$1.5000
 Iraq $1.0000/ $1.2000
 Korea, Republic of $0.5000 /$1.0000
 China $0.5000 /$1.0000
What droplink claims :- 
  • Highest CPM rate in the world.
  • No annoying Pop-up ads.
  • Allows to shorten links 18+
  • Quick payment from 2 to 7 working days.
  • You can request a withdrawal via PayPal, Skrill, MoMo, Bank Transfe
Every site is similar like pdisk , we are already know In past few months  what going in pdisk . Every copyrighted Content will uploaded on pdisk . So we are carefully to upload any content to these plateform. If you search for a best pdisk alternative then you go for dood stream it's Good . 

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:- This is not like pdisk but functionality is same  It's a link shortner site where you shrink your url and earn money 

What claims :- 
  • Highest paying url shortner site it's paid up to 220$ /10000 views 
  • The referral program is a great way to spread awareness about this amazing service and make even more money with your short links! Refer friends and earn 20% of friends income liftime .

How to creat Account?

:- it's simple go to site sing up then login and short your url when you get traffic on thata url you earned some money .

How to withdraw money from

:- it's minimum payout is 5$ . You can transfer all of your money via PayPal . 


It's not a pdisk alternative but you definitely know about it it's good Short link website where you can short your url and earn money its gives you high payout rates :-

US :- 8$
Canada :- 7.5$
United Kingdom :- 7$
Australia :- 6$ 
And others countries is 3% per 1000 views you can earn by its refferal programs it's offer of 15% of your refered friends income .
You can easily withdraw via PayPal bitcoin and other payment method . 

My Opinion :- 

Pdisk is ban permanently reason is illegal content uploading by pdisk user and caused large society impact. In terms of pdisk  unable to completely solve the problem, pdisk regretfully decide to close PDisk permanently. who have money in pdisk was gone . Pdisk is a scam site and illegal site in terms of government . So be careful to use any other streaming website 
So be aware about law and away from copyrighted material . If you are searching for pdisk alternative then you go for Dood stream its 100% safe and gives you highest payout rates as I mentioned above . 

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