Top 5 Crypto Currency that you can invest in 2021-22 that Gives you Good return

 Hello Guy's hope you will be fine . In 24 Nov 2021 a news comes out that Indian Government will ban private crypto currencies in india and RBI intorduce its own digital currency everyone is in panic mode ,what my money will loose or not , the whole crypto Market was crashes that time by 20%-30% . But day after its recover all it's fall . India haven't any law on crypto Till now . So it's legal to exchange any crypto currency and buy or sell till now .

Here I will tell you my own experience about Crypto earning pros and cons , tips and Top 5 crypto currency that you can invest in 2021-22 that gives you good return but terms and conditions are applied 🙄 I will tell you everything about this . 

Firstly you decide your need whats your goal and expectations about Crypto , you will invest or trade on crypto and you know it's highly Risky and volatile market you Invest as much as you can afford to lose and after research . 

In my experience of past few months I am trade on many crypto currency . 

1.) Bitcoin 

:- If you see crypto as a assets not for trading then you go for bitcoin it's already touch all time high in past days . Bitcoin have still more potential because of its popularity and blockchain technology .
If you want to invest in bitcoin I will suggest you you don't invest small amount of money because it's price is already arround 40-50 lac per bitcoin if you invest little amount you earn some extra money. If you have to invest big amount of money then you will definitely go with bitcoin . This Coin is so rare in future because 90% of bitcoin mined by miners only 10% will more mine because it's rare and demand is high it's price is also go to Moon 🚀 . 
If you don't know about Bitcoin mine then you must read our these post :- What Is Bitcoin Mining And How to Earn Bitcoin in your Mobile Phone from crypto Tab App
It's available on every crypto exchange application . 

Fact about Bitcoin :- 

  • Market Rank is #1
  • Market Cap is ₹77,88,040 cr
  • Circulating supply is 2 cr btc
  • Trading activity now is 81% buy 19% sell
  • Bitcoin is rare coin . 90% coins are mined by miners 
  • It's high on demand and very popular in the world 
  • El Salvador is the first country in the world  to allow receive or send bitcoin as a legal tender and purchase anything by bitcoin . 
  • China banned bitcoin mining and bitcoin but after Banning it's price is achieved all time high .
  • India is planning to regulate private currency or banning crypto currency .
  • Many of global influencer is requested people to not buy bitcoin because it's process of mining is dangerous of climate and mining computer are consuming so much energy 

Do you buy bitcoin in 2021 ? 

It's simple answer is its your choice and research . In my experience bitcoin technology is still new for world and many of people is not understand and not enter in this market . If you invest money in 2021 no wonder your money is increased but every time you invested money you don't listen any person or organisation its your money do your own research and then invest . For long time you definitely invest some money in Bitcoin . 

2.) Zcash

Zcash is a blockchain based crypto currency , it's popular by its privacy . Zcash claims its protect your transaction by " htpps of blockchain " . Their transaction is not in public domain basically in bitcoin or ethereum when peer to peer transaction exist a copy is automatically send in many computers it's verify your transaction and rewarded some money in form of their coin it's called miner but in Zcash the transaction is private that's why it's popular in the world and it's available on top Crypto exchanges .

Some knowledge about Zcash :- 

  • Market Rank #56
  • Market cap $3,007,744,125.64
  • It's Founded by Alessandro Chiesa  , Christina Garman , Eli Ben-Sasson , Eran Tromer , Ian Miers , Madars virza , Matthew Green
  • Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of ethereum) in Zcash scientific advisory group .
  •  Zcash transaction fee is low as zcash claims .

Should You buy Zcash in 2021 ?

:- The simple answer is yes If you love privacy about your transaction you definitely go for it it's not like assets it's like payment . You send zcash and recieve from anyone in wallet . Past few days I invested in that coin and earn good money .

See this pic I earn profit on zcash . Basically it's a good project and good potential to increase its price . 

3.) Omg Network or Omise Go 

:- Omise Go or omg Network used ethereum blockchain technology . Omg is popular for realtime peer-to-peer transaction by low fees
. This Coin is developed to solve a fundamental issue of ethereum . In ethereum the transaction process is slow and costly it's coin solve this problem . This token claims its that reduces gas fees and improve
Transaction through out put . 

 Fact about Omg network :- 

  • It's started by Jun Hasegawa and Donnie Harinsut, 
  • Vitalik Buterin is in community advisory team 
  • Market Rank #98
  • Market Capitalisation is 8558 cr 
  • Circulating supply is 14 cr 
  • Trading activity is 75% buy and 25% sell
  • Omg network also called omg foundation 
  • Currently launched a new Coin BOBA network .
  • BOBA developer name is enya .

What is BOBA network ?

BOBA is developed by Omise go foundation and it's claims Boba is a next technology Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling answer that reduces fueloline fees, improves transaction throughput, and extends the abilities of clever contracts.since booba network launch omg Network price is crashed by 50% it's dump was 1590₹ to 590₹ till now because omg network told public to hold omg network till 19 Dec then omg rewarded as a booba network when it's launched and everyone is selling omg network .

Should you Buy OMG network in 2021 December ? 

:- since booba network launched its price is dump by 50% in global market as a invester Its a opportunity to buy the dip it's definitely goes up because it's fundamental business plan and fundamental issue solving plan . So this coin is available on very big discount .

4.) Algorand 

:- Algorand is open - source blockchain technology based crypto currency ,it's stack blockchain protocol that settle block with with seconds and provide instant transaction .

Fact about Algorand :- 

  • Market Rank is #22
  • Market capitalisation is 76,540₹ cr
  • Circulating supply is 627 cr 
  • Market activity is 64% buy and 36% sell 
  • Its founder name is Silvio micali 
  • Algorand continuing technical innovation and development is focused on:
  • Interoperability
  • Private and Public Models
  • Performance and Scale
  • Layer-2 Smart Contracts
Now you know Algorand and it's uses. 

Should you buy Alogorand in 2021 ?

:- Algorand is a good project I tell you this type of blockchain solve fundamental issue . Many usecase of this coin like Entertainment,Infrastructure,Securities,Supply Chain,Identity, Stablecoins ,Government /Public Sector , Insurance, Environmental, Gaming, Defi, Financial Institutions, Digital Assets. So you go for it for long time . In above picture you see I earn some profit on this coin you can hold for long time or trade .

5.) Curve or 

:- curve or curve DAO is governance token for curve finance this is the decentralised network for stablecoins It makes use of Automated Market Maker (AMM) for dealing with liquidity . 

Fact about 

  • Michael Egorov is known to be the Founder and CEO of Curve 
  • It's Market Rank is #73 
  • Market cap is 14,141 cr 
  • Circulating supply is 14cr 
  • Trading activity is 75% Buy and 25 % sell 
  • It's direct swap function in enable person to pay lower fees 

Should you buy Curve in 2021 December ?

:- curve is a good project for peer -to- peer transaction process every Good project in crypto market is good opportunity to buy early as assets or trading in above picture you see I eanr some profit on but my investment money is low it's gives me 10% return in only 2 days . You definitely buy this token for long or short time . 

Conclusion :- 

:- Till the date of published this article no one knows what's the future of crypto currency in india but some sources are says crypto market are regulated not ban in india so it's not illegal to trade or hold any crypto currency in india . Given the above Crypto is Very good project if you think crypto market is the future of this world then definitely go for it and invest atleast some money . I must suggest you that don't invest in any crypto until you don't do any research on any coin or tokens .

" Given the above pictures and views is mine so don't influence by me or someone's profit it's my strategy and research , do your own research and think twice before investing money in crypto market it's so unpredictable . It's your money invest smartly . " 

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Risk Warning: Crypto trading is subject to high market risk. Please ensure that you undertake sufficient risk assessment when trading newly listed tokens as they are often subject to high price volatility. shop and earn will not be responsible for your trading losses.

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