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Hello friends welcome to shopandearn site hope you will be fine and healthy but in our life wealth is also important to us . In 21st century our life is totally digital and many of people is Earn online through our website . Here you know genuine way to earn money online . In this topic I will share my experience and opinions about Coindcx and How to earn From Coindcx | Coindcx se paise kaise kamaye  | Coindcx apk download | Coin dcx Coupon Code ? 

What is Coindcx ? 

:- Coindcx is crypto exchange application here you will buy crypto currencies like bitcoin, ether , etherium , lite coin doge coin and sell. You can also receive and send many of Crypto currencies with others but not for all currency. You can check through Coindcx application in send and receive section . 

How To earn from Coindcx ?

:- Crypto Market is big market for earn online real money 💸 by some techniques but you definitely know the risk of this market crypto market is totally volatile within a second it's is collapse and within a second it's go to the moon because this market is runs on many factors . 

What the factors will effect crypto Market ?

:- There is so many factors and some times many people manipulate this market by its tweet and investor are influenced by him / her . You definitely know the real factor will effect this market 
  • Supply and demand , when supply is high then demand goes down and price is also down and it's VICE versa .
  • Cost of production , many of currency is too costly to produce new coins or token it's consume heavy energy to mine some coins then energy cost is high . So it's price is also high .
  • Listing of exchanges , in whole world many of exchanges crypto currency like Coindcx , binance , coinbase , Coinswitch kuber , bitbns and many others . The currency is listed on every listing exchanges then that currency will reach more people and it's demand is high then it's price is alos high and Lows .
  • Compitition , every crypto has its rival coin . When a crypto currency is popular then many other will launched his own currency to compete with that crypto but many of Crypto has different type of uses . 
  • Governance and Regulations , currently in india , indian goverment is concerned about Crypto currencies and government think about regulation of these currencies because it is untraceable . Many of people will misuse by money laundering , drugs buy or selling many of other illegal activities . So government is looking forward to it's and it's pirce is also down by its news . 
  • Crypto market runs on news , emotions and influencable peoples around whole world . 
So you know the risk and factors about Crypto Market if you have some knowledge and techniques about this industry you will definitely earn money from that.  

Some techniques to earn money From Coindcx ? 

:- First Download Coindcx , singup and complete your KYC then see some techniques

Technique No. 01:-

:- In coindcx many of coins and token are there but you select of this on the basis of your research if you don't research on that coin you don't pick it because you loose your money when you complete your research you select one Currency of any cryptocurrency In my case I will choose zcash here is screenshot .

Technique No 2 :- 

:- Your eyes will on coindcx application for many of times because you definitely knows the highest price of (that coin you will choose) and its lowest price.

Technique No 3:- 

 :- when you knows the highest and lowest price of that coin and buy you check it's real value of market and take some time to market is gaining or loosing . Then you buy some crypto at lowest price then some times you can sell by some profits . 

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In my case I had buy zcash for 7000₹ 

Technique No 4 :- 

:- When you buy it in low price then See it's market candles goes or ups . It takes some Hours or days or months to Go in profit portfolio . Keep patience . If you invest in good project or popular currency you definitely earn money form that.  

Technique No 5 :- 

:- If watch market price then market is up then you sell your coins and earn some profit . In my case I sell Zcash in 7450₹ My profit is 450₹ in some days you have to patience and eyes on news and candles . 

If you want to invest as long term you definitely research on best currency that will makes a great return and not that risky so your money will not loose . Make decisions to invest in Crypto you sure to considering the future of that Coin or token after long time . 

If you still want to invest in crypto you should know it is highly risky . Invest in your own risk and research . Many people will loose Money and many will earn from that so be careful and aware about Crypto . Given the above information is mine and I will not suggest you to invest without any knowledge of crypto market . 

coindcx coupon code :- Coindcx coupon code are only for new user who have signup within offer here is some Coindcx coupon code is :- PAYTM151

Terms and conditions:- 
  1. In this offer you can avail free Rs 151 worth BTC + Bitcoin worth 50 Lakh per day  you can read further terms and conditions of daily winning price on coindcx website
  2. This coupon only work once per user & non transferable 
  3. Applicable for only new users 
  4. Offer is valid till 15th January 2022

Keep bring with us we update weekly new coupons here .

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