How to Download Pdisk Videos on Android without Downloading PLAYit App (Easy as well as Safe)??

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Here I will tell you Exactly How to Download Pdisk Videos on Android without Downloading PLAYit App (Easy as well as Safe)??

:- If you use Telegram You definitely know or see Link like Kuklink /kofilink or something . This Link redirect to Playit app and without Playit app you won't be accessed to this Video . In now days Telegram is used for downloading movies , webseries , song and other many of that but every here you see Playit Apk Download . Every Group or Channel Owner Will Tell You to download Playit Apk . So here i will tell you what is Playit Apk .

What is Playit Apk ? 

:- Playit apk is Media Player App where you watch videos online and after downloading you watch offline but if You click on Kuklink or kofilinks you redirect to Playit and it's player have lots of Advertisements . You think why media player is showing ads you definitely knows about Pdisk . If you Don't know About it Please Visit our another Informative blog . 

As we all are know that Telegram is Hub for sharing Copyright content so Telegram owners have opted pdisk . In short form here I will tell you what is Pdisk .

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What is Pdisk ??

:- Pdisk is File sharing websites here you will share unlimited of videos file without storage limit . Here you will upload file or videos And share the link . When someone open your Link it's shown Advertisement pdisk claims  90% of Advertisements  revenue gives you That's the earnings source of telegram owners .

 But Pdisk strictly prohibited to upload or share copyright Content or any illegal or Piracy things . 

So here is a Question What is Connection between Telegram and Pdisk?

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What is Connection between Telegram and Pdisk?

Telegram is Wide Personal and Community  chatting , video or audio calling Application it's based on cloud network and open source software . While Pdisk is content sharing site both are different but as title here you know in a telegram you commonly see in gruop or channel of pdisk link .so both are different applications .

Exactly How to Download Pdisk Videos on Android without Downloading PLAYit App (Easy as well as Safe)??

Now you have know about pdisk and Playit and why Telegram channel links are redirect you to Playit . PlayiT app is messy spammy like app their is lots of advertisements but don't worry right there you will find solutions of avoid Playit app . PlayiT alternative are :-
  1. Get Theme All app 
  2. Adv player 
  3. Mx player 

Step to download pdisk file from Get Them All app .

  • Go and Download Get Them All app from playstore or Apk from their Website.
  • Install on your phone or pc 
  • Go to Telegram 
  • Copy url of that you want to download 
  • Paste on Get them all app 
  • Wait for page loading 
  • And download there 
In above method you download pdisk file in your phone without Playit app with safety . 
" If you don't want to download any app till now pdisk will update their system so you can open in mx player app Direct without showing any spammy ads . Just open link ( kofilink , Kuklink ) that redirect you to landing page and select mx player open url in mx player " . 

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