[Big News] Crypto currencies should be ban in india ? What's The Future of Crypto Currency in india ?

 Hello Guy's welcome here , This is the big News comes out by indian government will ban  crpyto currencies in india . Indian government will regulate private currency and introduce some rules on digital currencies so here  I will tell you some misunderstanding questions by people and clear the right news And How you will not loose your money by this Fudge .

24 Nov 2021 in 9 Pm a big news comes out that all the digital currencies are to be ban ?

Will Crypto currencies are ban in India ?

Frequently I say , No . Because many times indian government brings law on these currencies but fail to apply . Now indian government plans to bill on these Digital currencies in winter session of parliament . 
Indian government will not say that these currencies are ban , it's says currencies are regulated by our government and further information will comes in. 29 November when bills introduce in parliament . Please bring with us for more info .

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What's the bill introduce by indian government about Crypto currencies ? 

:- The bill is introduce on 29 Nov 2021 when the winter session start and 26 others bills will introduce on this session . So it's too haste to say what's the bill about these currencies . 

What RBI say about Crypto currencies ?

The Reserve Bank of India and Securities and Exchange Board of India have big  concerns about the unregulated growth of cryptocurrencies in India, keeping vulnerable retail investors and big number of youths mind.

Will india introduce Own Crypto currencies?

:- The big news comes out in past month that indian government plans to introduce its own digital currency , it's regulated by RBI , so let's see what's the decision by government and what's the future . 

Will Private cryptocurrency is opposed by RBI?

:- Yes , past these days many news are comes that private currencies are opposed and banned by RBI .

Banning of cryptocurrency & regulation of official digital currency bill 2021 pdf ?

:- It's clearly mentioned in above column that these bills will introduce on 29th November 2021 , on that day everyone minds are clear what's government think about digital currencies and what's the future .

Cryptocurrency should be banned? 

Currently if say it's not totally ban it's regulated by government Honourable PM of india Narendra Modi tweet past days that these digital currencies are not ban . So let's see what's the government will do .

How You will not loose your Money by this news ? 

:- When this news out , it's viral every one is in panic mode what I can do , can my money was lost so don't panic just breath and hold what do you have when news comes out by government officials then you decide what you do . So don't panic 

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